IMPORTANT: Calls, phone messages, emails, and Facebook messages received outside business hours will be returned the next business day. Thank you for your understanding.

Business Hours:  I am available for services during the hours indicated below.

  • **Sun & Mon: CLOSED** (phone is also off, please leave a message)
  • Tues: CLOSED (available for phone calls only)
  • Wed: 10:00 am to 8:00pm
  • Thurs: 10:00am to 8:00pm
  • Fri: 10:00 am to 8:00pm
  • Sat: 9:00am to 5:00pm

Payment: Payment is due upon completion of services and is accepted in the form of cash or credit card. Debit is not available at this time. Cheques are NOT acceptable. 

To book an appointment: Use the “Book Now” button on Facebook, OR visit to use the online scheduler. To reserve an appointment, a Booking Reservation Fee of $25.00 is required. Upon completion of your reserved appointment, that fee is applied to the cost of the services. In the event that the Cancellation Policy is not observed by the client, the fee is non-refundable.

Appointments are ONLY booked via the Online system as linked via the “Book Now” Button on Facebook OR via my website on the "Book Online" page. Appointments will NOT be granted by Facebook/Email message. My phone does NOT receive Text-Messages (it is a landline). I can't provide a good service if I'm responding to FB-notifications, or playing on my computer to book clients into the Online booking system. Please keep in mind that if you choose to contact me via FB versus calling at the salon, you may have to wait for a reply.

Phone Calls:  I can not provide a good service to the client in front of me if I am playing with my phone, so I do NOT reply while I am providing a service.  So all calls are returned during business hours, in between clients, so please leave a message.

Late Arrivals, Late Cancellations and No Show’s: Victorious Nail Styles requires a minimum of 48hrs notice to cancel an appointment by PHONE or via the Online Scheduler (not by Facebook private message or email). Please note that this is out of respect to me, and for others who may be on a ‘wait list’ for a cancellation. Victorious Nail Styles reserves the right to downgrade your service and/or CANCEL in the event of a Late Arrival if there isn’t sufficient time so as to respect the appointment of the following client. In the event of a Late-Cancellation (less than 48hrs) or No-Show, Vthe Booking Reservation Fee is non-refundable since the appointment spot was reserved solely for you. Victorious Nail Styles reserves the right to refuse appointments to frequent offenders.

Right to Refuse Service if it's Contraindicated: Please note that Victorious Nail Styles reserves the right to refuse service if it is determined as inappropriate, or if infection or similar health issue is suspected that would be contra-indicated for services. The EOHU strictly PROHIBITS Nail Technicians from performing services on anyone presenting with infection, and salon service providers are required by LAW to refuse service. This includes Athletes Foot, and Fungal Toenail Infections.

NO Walk-In’s: Services are by appointment only and please knock/ring upon your arrival and wait. It may take me a moment to answer the door if I am with someone. I work from the private environment of my HOME. As such, unexpected walk-in's are NOT welcome. However, please feel free to call me to inquire if I'm available. I may be available last minute.

Appointment Time:  Please respect appointment time. If you are more than 5min early for your appointment and/or observe that there is already a car in my driveway, please remain patiently in your vehicle until the client preceding you leaves.The City of Cornwall has strict bylaws in place that limit the number of clients I may entertain at any given time due to my location in a Residential area, and zoning laws. I do not have a 'reception/waiting area' available. Due to the restrictions imposed by the City of Cornwall, I am STRICTLY PROHIBITED from having more than one person with me for services at one time.

No Guests & No Children During Services: As aforementioned, I'm prohibited by the City of Cornwall from entertaining more than 1 guest at a given time.  My home salon dedicated room is VERY small and there is no space for a guest, nor is there a reception area.  Children are NOT permitted to be present during services unless they themselves are receiving the service. This is a safety concern, since in the restricted space, a child can easily bump the table.  Even the BEST behaved children are distractions that will delay services and can cause me to run late for the next client who may appreciate it if I remain on schedule OR that can inadvertently cause an accident.   As a mother, I sincerely understand the challenges of finding childcare, however due to schedule and safety concerns, my manicure station is not an appropriate environment and is deemed as inappropriate by my insurance.

Children under 16 & Nail Enhancements: It is a STRICT policy with no exceptions that children under 16 may NOT have nail enhancements (ie: Acrylic or UV Gel). Children under 16 are not covered by my insurance for such services. Children 12 and up may receive Shellac/Gel Polish Services. Children under 12 may have mini-manicures with traditional nail polish.

Parking: Please make use of my driveway for your vehicle. While doing so, please observe the following:

  • Please park as close to my lawn as possible so as not to accidentally obstruct my neighbor's from parking in their own space of our shared driveway. My neighbors have young children that use car seats and must be able to open their own car doors fully to load their children into their own car.
  • If you noticed a car already in my driveway, please do NOT park behind it. This vehicle belongs to the client preceding your appointment and you will block them in. Please wait patiently in your vehicle until they exit. (unless you note that it my family vehicle with business magnets on the side).
  • If you choose to park on the street, please observe Ontario laws with regards to the Fire Hydrant. There must be 3metres (or 10 feet) of clearance on either side of the hydrant.

Cold, Flu & Similar :(full policy found here

I must ask you to cancel and reschedule your appointment if you suffer any one, or all, of the following symptoms. Please note: Victorious Nail Styles reserves the right to refuse service should you arrive with any of these symptoms: fever, cough, sore throat, vomiting, diarrhea, chills, headache, runny nose.

I ask that you respect my request this policy because

1) We have many clients with weak autoimmune systems (including myself) and serious health concerns (Cancer, MS, Diabetes, heart disease) should you come to the salon, you put them at risk.

2) should my family and/or myself fall ill, I will NOT be able to meet the needs of my clients and will be forced to cancel multiple appointments inconveniencing everyone.

3) I do not get paid for sick days .

Victorious Nail Styles appreciates your respect of policies that are in place to insure a pleasant experience for everyone concerned.

Thank you for your understanding.