Please review Policies and Business Hours further below

NOTE:  Once you have completed your consult form, choose the option to "Register".  This way, you will not need to complete the consult form again for future appointments.   You'll need only to 'Log in' to book an appointment, and your information will have been saved from previously.

Payment:  Payment of services due at the time of service, and is accepted in the form of cash or credit card. Debit is NOT available.  Cheques are NOT acceptable.

  • Sundays & Mondays: CLOSED
  • Tuesday: Available by Phone only (no appointments)
  • Wednesday: 10:00am to 8:00pm
  • Thursday: 10:00am to 8:00pm
  • Friday: 10:00am to 8:00pm
  • Saturday: 9:00am to 5:00pm


IMPORTANT :  Appointments will NOT be granted by Facebook/Email message.  I can't give you a good service if I'm responding to FB/Email notifications.  Use of the Online Booking system reduces margin of booking error and permits for mini-consult.  Use of the Online System requires a valid Credit Card to vault a booking fee of 25$ to secure the appointment reservation. It is NOT charged at time of booking.   At the end of your appointment, it will either be  applied towards your services OR in the event of a 'no show/late cancellation' you will be charged the Booking Reservation Fee.

Late Arrivals,  Late Cancellations and No Show’s:  Victorious Nail Styles reserves the right to downgrade the service  in the event of a Late Arrival if there isn’t sufficient time so as to respect the appointment of the following client.  Should you arrive so late that no service can be provided, you are automatically defaulted as a "No Show".   A minimum of 48hrs notice to cancel an appointment is required.   Should you fail to cancel without giving 48hrs notice OR should you be a "no show", you will be charged the 25$ Booking Reservation Fee. 

Right to Refuse Service:  Please note that Victorious Nail Styles reserves the right to refuse service if infection or similar health issue is suspected that would be contra-indicated for services. Eastern Ontario Health Unit strictly PROHIBITS Nail Technicians from performing services on anyone presenting with infection, and salon service providers are required by LAW to refuse service for nails that do "not appear normal and/or healthy".  This includes Fungal Nail Infections and/or open wounds. 

No Children/Guests During Mani Services :   Cornwall Bylaws Dept  restricts VNS to having only one client on the premises at a given time.  This means you are NOT to bring a guest with you during services.  My home-based salon has limited space and there is no reception area available.  Children are NOT welcome during services unless they themselves are receiving a service.  I can NOT provide a good service to you when I am watching out of the corner of my eye to make sure your child isn't drinking acetone, getting monomer into their eye, or bumping the table while I am using an e-file or similar. It is unsafe to work in this manner.  This is an insurance liability risk.  Even the BEST behaved children are distractions that will delay services. I sincerely understand the challenges of finding childcare, as a mother myself, but this policy is in the best interest of all and in accordance with City bylaws that restrict me to one client on the premises at a time.     

Children under 16 & Nail Enhancements:  It is a STRICT policy with no exceptions that children under 16 may NOT have nail enhancements (ie: Acrylic or UV Gel).  Children under 16 are not covered by my insurance for such services.  Children 12 and up may receive Shellac/Gel Polish Services, and under 12 may have mini-manicures with nail polish.

All services include new & single-use files, buffers, and gloves that are disposed of at the end of service.   Victorious Nail Styles makes every effort to use disposable items wherever possible to insure the safety of clients.  All other tools and implements are sanitized and disinfected and/or Autoclave-Sterilized (on par with Medical-settings sterilization) as appropriate.