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Victoria Lys Hunter

Advanced Nail Technologist

Grand MasterNail Stylist

Certified Nail Technology Educator

Formerly known as "Ongles Chez Victoria" of Chateauguay Qc, but now found in Cornwall Ontario.

Offering Nail Enhancement services such as:

  • Natural nail manicures, Shellac & Gel Polish Manicures.
  • IBX Natural Nail Repair & Strengthening treatments.
  • UV Gel & Acrylic Nail Enhancements.
  • Dip Nails (ie: SNS dip)
  • Unique Nail Art & Couture Nails
  • Nail Reconstruction

 Nail Technology Education also available.

Why choose Victorious Nail Styles for your Services?

With over 30yrs of experience and holding multiple certifications - including but not limited to: Advanced Nail Technologist, DEP in Cosmetology, CND Grand Master, Designer Nails, and E-file and more - Victoria is well equipped to meet the natural nail needs of any client. As of July 2016, Victoria joined the Medinail Learning Center as an Advisory Board Member, and contributes to their services and programs.
Natural nail health is a top priority!  Victoria maintains this priority in three ways:
  1. Pursues ongoing education thus enabling her to offer her clients up to date knowledge and skills.
  2. Operates a SAFE SALON with high standards of hygiene, sanitation and disinfection. Protocols are maintained with the aid of single-use files/buffers disposed of at end of services, hospital grade disinfectant & chemo sterilant for surfaces and Autoclave Sterilization of reusable items.   For current Ontario Board of Health Regulations regards "Personal Service Settings" (ie: nail salon), please feel free to visit this link for Ontario Board of Health's Personal Service Settings Guideline 2018.
  3. The nail enhancement services that she offers are with products that are MMA-free, non-toxic, guaranteed not to yellow, and will NOT damage your natural nails. Techniques of application and removal that are gentle and not aggressive to the nail plate, and do not cause discomfort to the client.
Her passion is Nail Art, and nail enhancements individually styled according to each client's 'personal' style.

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Facebook Reviews

Client-Rhonda Godfrey   5  "I still can't believe how great my NATURAL nails look after removal!! At "other" salons my nails were a ragged mess and took almost 6 months to finally look normal! Thank you so much! See you after my surgery!!!"

Client- Kelly Kelleher  5  "It does not matter what you are looking for, simple fancy or totally outrageous Victoria will not only come though but she will go over and above your expectations. She does her work well and takes pride in her happy customers. You will be having people grab your hand in the strangest stores, parks, right off the street. To know her is to love her and I am going to miss her. Look out Cornwall she will impact! Not to mention her serious balm which has oils in it.....I was told to use on my face and keep thinking no way!!! But my break out of dry rashy skin was so bad I gave it a try and WHAMMO not 3 uses later my skin cleared up ON MY FACE! 2 thumbs up ladies!"

Industry Peer- Lydian Flash   5 "Ongles Chez Victoria continually impresses me with her knowledge. She is a Nail Tech who cares about this industry. Striving to raise it to the highest level, To ensure all clients can have beautiful nails without risk or worry ."

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